Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping is so relaxing. I love it. I’m at work right now, and so excited to hit the stores in about 3 hours or so. I’ve done my weekly perusal of the flyers, made my list, and I’m ready to rock!

I don’t know why I find it so relaxing. You’d like people meandering down each aisle, aimlessly searching for their purchases would piss me off. But no, not usually. My issues lie with screeching children, kids who can’t “steer” the cart, and people who walk on the wrong side of the aisle. I’d hate to be on the road with them, if they can’t even handle the shopping aisle. Sidenote, I hate when people get “aisle” & “isle” mixed up, but I digress…

It’s Dollar Days at my local IGA. Pretty pumped about that. When your income hovers around the poverty line dollar deals kick ass! My second stop is at Safeway, conveniently next to the IGA. So it’s essentially one stop shopping.

I always do the same routine. I start with produce, then go down the aisles, then hit up the meat department, the frozen section, the deli and then the bakery. They say to ignore the processed foods in the middle, and get all your frozen, refrigerated and meaty items at the end…but I like my little system!

I also love a great deal. Man, I don’t think anything will ever top the amazing deal of February 2011. I went to Safeway, filled my cart with just over $100 in meat, and the rest in assorted other purchases. With my club card savings, my $170 bill squished down to $108. HOW YOU DO LIKE THAT!?! Deal of the century, I tell ya!

See ya in the salsa aisle!

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