Before we begin, here’s the official trailer:

Every now & then, a co-worker and I go see a movie. The first time, we went to one I picked – Dinner for Schmucks – and it was terrible. The review is at the old blog here. So this time when Steve approached me to go to a movie, he was insistent that he pick the flick. Which was fine with me. It’s only fair. I had a few provisos though. Nothing overly gorey, & nothing shit-my-pants-scary. Considering what was available at our local Cineplex, things were looking good for me.

Steve selected “Unknown”, starring Liam Neeson, Diane Kruger & January Jones.

Essentially it’s about a guy who’s in an accident while in Berlin for a conference, he smacks his head, and slowly has to piece together his identity. I don’t really want to tell you anything more than that, because I don’t want to ruin it for you. But I will tell you it was a much better pick than Dinner for Schmucks. My friend Sheldon saw it before me, and said he enjoyed it, but he guessed the major twist early-on.  So while watching the movie, I too, began to think about some twist and what it could be. And I’ll be honest – I didn’t figure it out at ALL. I felt really dumb.

I felt the movie flowed well. And just when I thought I had it figured, and we’d see some sort of resolution – BAM! Something else would happen. It definitely kept my interest for the entire flick – except when I had to get up to pee…those sodas are just too big to hold it for too long. I thought the acting was good, nothing award-worthy, but enjoyable. Nothing stalled, and I was definitely surprised to see Sean Connery’s doppleganger, Frank Langella appear! Go see it, and come back and tell me what you thought.

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