Oh, Monday…

..how I loathe thee!

I can hear you from here. “Kristi, it’s Saturday, not Monday.” In my slice of life, Saturdays are the start of my week. I don’t go out and party on the weekends, not that I did it a lot before – hangovers aren’t worth it.

Despite the fact I got a reasonable amount of sleep last night, I feel like a bag of ass. I think I fell asleep around 9:20….and was up at 4:50. That’s reasonable, isn’t it? So strange.

I don’t wanna be a giant whiner, I really don’t. And believe me – I love my job. I can’t imagine doing anything else. But there are days where I wish I had a more consistent schedule….I could do super early mornings, and totally be okay with it – so long as it was 5 days in a row, not 3 days of “early” and 2 days of “super early” if that makes any sense. Some of you read this blog and know what I do for a living, and I’m sure with some super sleuth skills the rest of you could figure it out. But I’d rather not disclose it at this point.

So how do I perk up? Well, after work I plan on hitting up Tim Horton’s to continue my Roll Up the Rim experience. I’ve been slacking this year, yet my odds are still great! I think I’m 3/5 and I’ve won a free donut off a free coffee. When McDonald’s has their Monopoly promotion, they don’t let you redeem your winnings in the drive-thru. Not Timmy’s! You can definitely grab a freebie in the comfort of your automobile. And get this! At some Tim Hortons, they smack their “easy button” and it cheers that you’re redeeming a winning cup! Wish they did that at my local TH.

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