Good Idea/Bad Idea

Remember Animaniacs? Remember Good Idea/Bad Idea? Here’s a refresher:

I’d like to throw the following under the “Bad Idea” category:

– texting while driving

– men who wear sweatpants without underwear. Especially to work/in public

– not smelling the milk before you take a gulp from the carton post-expiry date

– wearing your daughter’s clothes. No. This is NEVER a good idea. I don’t care how old you are.

– trampstamps

I feel like we’ve forgotten what’s acceptable and what isn’t. Sometimes I look at people like a dog reacting to a high-pitched noise and just wonder, “What the hell?” Not entirely sure what I mean? There’s a whole website dedicated to BAD IDEAS.

If you’ve got any other supremely bad ideas to add, please comment!

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