Lemme Catch You Up

I didn’t forget about you, I swear.

So I moved to Central Alberta in June to start a job at a new radio station. I moved to a small town called Blackfalds. I lived there for two whole weeks. I was told I’d be getting a 2 bedroom basement suite. No, I got a 1 bedroom basement suite with slapped together reno’s and noisy neighbours upstairs who were inconsiderate…and smoked a lot of weed.

So I vacated with insufficient notice. Which has turned into an expensive nightmare. But hey, we go through life to learn things, right? Well that lesson put me out $1000. Note to you: give sufficient notice to vacate and only deal with a landlord who will put things in writing. No matter how nice they seem, they’ll come back as a cunty bitch.

I found a better place in Lacombe. It’s a 3 bedroom + den condo with in-suite laundry, a balcony and a backyard. It’s a great neighbourhood, with decent neighbours thus far. It’s also on the other side of a giant park where they hold a lot of festivals. It’s really great.

Work is fantastic. I love my new station. I think my new co-workers are fantastic. And I’m not just saying that either.

Still with my boyfriend, our two year dating anniversary is on Thursday. We’re going to Sam’s Cafe in North Red Deer. Really looking forward to it. Then for the weekend, we’re going camping at my family reunion. I’m also hoping we can hit up a Taste of Edmonton on the Sunday.

Normally I go to Taste of Edm with my dear friend, but for some reason she’s not speaking to me….which is completely out of left field. I’ve never had her not speak to me, so I don’t know what’s up. I’m thisclose to driving to her apartment in Edmonton and throwing pebbles at her window til she talks to me. Or stand out her window singing horribly off-key. If she’s reading this, I want her to know that if she can’t afford to go, it’s not a big deal. Really. And if it’s not a monetary thing, I’m really worried.

I’ve also signed up to do the Run for the Cure in Calgary in October. The money goes towards Breast Cancer research. Approximately 23,000 Canadian women will be diagnosed this year, and that’s just ridiculous. My cousin Monica asked me if I would join her in the run this year and I jumped at it. After telling a few friends about it, they jumped on board too. And then a friend of Tara’s joined us too. It’s great. Our team name is “Stop the War In My Rack”. I think it’s so clever, though I can’t take the  credit. It was suggested from Tara’s Facebook friends. If you’d like to help donate, please click HERE. No donation is too small! So I’ve gone back to training, or at least trying to…..

That’s all I’ve really got for now. Bed time is calling! Sweet dreams 🙂

2 thoughts on “Lemme Catch You Up

  1. Hey there. I am going through my own nightmare with a landlord. I am taking her to court over my unreturned damage deposit. It’s quite the headache.
    Glad you settled in. One day I will make it to Lacombe.
    That’s great news about the run and such a worthy cause. Cancer sucks.

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