Soggy Soil & Ralphie: Adventures In Gardening

It’s been raining like a mofo in Central Alberta as of late. Which sucks because I had all these plans to have beautiful planters set up in my backyard and on my balcony. A co-worker gave me the soil for free – which was super kind of him, and man, was I ever pumped! I picked up some cute planters at Ikea with the hopes of filling them with beautiful flowers. I grabbed a bright fuschia one, an ultramarine blue one, and three white ones that are a bit taller.  But thanks to the rain (and me not bringing them inside), they’re no longer full of dirt. It’s mud. Sloppy, runny, watery mud. Some even have a couple inches of water on top of the slop.

I had also picked out a fern-type plant at Ikea, and bought some pretty flowers at Walmart. Planted them….they’ve pretty much died. Over watered, one might say. Or gardening fail. I refuse to take the blame.

Did I let the soggy soil get me down? NO WAY! I bought seeds on sale and was determined to plant them anyway. I took the planters out from under the balcony (where I attempted to shield them from the rain – HA!), and began dumping the water out of them, without losing the mud. As I’m pulling the planters out I see something move. A little froggy! I wish I had gotten a picture for you, but my phone was inside and I was already covered in muck. He was about 2 inches long with black, white and grey stripes. I think. As soon as I saw him I couldn’t decide if I thought he was yucky or neat. Regardless, I named him Ralphie and carried on my way.

I managed to bonk my head pretty good while pulling the planters out. I’m not entirely certain if I’m concust or not, but I’m sure I’ll survive. The bottom of my balcony just came out of nowhere!

The seeds are planted. I don’t know if they’ll grow, but I figure if they don’t, I’m out $1.50. All the planters are hanging out in the sun, in hopes they’ll dry out/drain. Ralphie left on to a new adventure, but if he comes back, I’ll let you know.

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