Halloween Is Pricey

You know, I’m not one to get dressed up for Halloween. There’s a lot of reasons….it’s a lot of work, chances are the costumes in the store won’t fit anyway (and there’s no way I’m buying the fat girl Princess Leia outfit)…and lastly, it’s damn expensive. That being said, this is the first year I bought candy to hand out. I did buy some more decorations at Dollarama and the pumpkins were bought at Sobey’s, but I’m tapped out. I spent about $25 on FOUR pumpkins (and they’re not even big ones – all smaller or equal to a basketball). And they were priced reasonably at $0.49/lb. I think I spent about $25-$30 on candy, and about $20 on assorted decorations. I guess it’s important to buy a few things every few years…but it still blows my mind. I’m also a cheap. I should start saving now because when I have kids, I’m never gonna be able to afford Halloween! How’s your pre-Halloween going? Are you dressing up? Just decorating? Or maybe turning the lights off and ignoring the whole thing?

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