Promotional Games

Are you addicted to company promotion games as much as I am? Well…maybe I wouldn’t say I’m addicted…but I always think, what if? What if I bought that bonus ticket item at Sobey’s today? Maybe the ticket will have the winning picture I need to Bingo & win $100 in groceries every week for a year! Maybe! No, chances are good it won’t.  Don’t think I haven’t looked online to see what each week’s bonus item was. Yup, I bought some sandwich meat today. I certainly didn’t need it, but hey – I can freeze it! Did it get me a piece of the Bingo board I needed? No, but it got me 25 Sobey’s points!

Monopoly. With that one word did you think about the original board game and how you never really understood how to play using mortgages? No, you thought about McDonald’s. That one time a year, where we become slaves to the fast food giant. Where if there aren’t game pieces on our Big Mac box, it just doesn’t taste the same. Would I like to super size? No, not really…but wait! I get game pieces on a super sized fry box…sure! Go ahead! Super size me. I don’t need the added calories or water retention or guilt…but what if? You peel back the sticky game pieces, just to get two that you already have.  Maybe one day I’ll finally nab Park Place & Boardwalk and have a chance at being a millionaire. I’ll probably wind up with a free small fries.  And indigestion. But I continue to play. I can understand where this guy is coming from.

Ever since I moved from Grande Prairie, I’ve moved to a city that doesn’t have a Safeway or a Shell gas station in the immediate area. I have to drive outside of where I live to access either place. Now where will I feed my love for Airmiles? Online surveys. 6 measly little Airmiles at a time. IF I qualify for the survey. And yes, I’m honest about it.

I work in an industry that is heavily set on contests and promotions. I know how it works, yet I can’t help myself with these other contests! I’m not obsessed. I don’t go online every day, entering to win this or that. But man, if I have an extra chance at winning something if I buy a particular item, I’m sold.

Am I nutty, or do you play too?


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