New Years Resolutions

No, I’m not resolving to lose weight. Shocking, I know, since losing weight is constantly on my mind. But I think that’s part of the problem, so I’m going to try something different. Call me crazy, but maybe LESS focus will GAIN better results? I’ll let you know. I don’t plan on stepping on the scale til February.

I do enjoy New Years Resolutions. Last year’s was to learn how to fold a fitted sheet by myself. And you know what? ACCOMPLISHED! And after my friend Anna shared this link on Facebook, I plan on perfecting the technique. Check it out!

My Resolutions are to pay off a good chunk of my debt and to have a better radio show. I feel like I’m on the right track when it comes to both. I was off for 10 days, I feel like I’ve come back rejuvenated and feel better about the show.

Are you doing the resolutions thing? What are they? Can I help you stay accountable? Let me know!

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