Bikram Yoga

On the weekend, a local yoga studio was offering free Bikram Yoga. I thought, “Sweet! Yoga is expensive so this is awesome!” For whatever reason, I got my hot yogas mixed up and thought it was the same yoga I had done in Grande Prairie at Love Life Hot Yoga. I was wrong. I got my Hot Vinyasa and my Bikrams mixed up. Beginner mistake.

On Sunday, some workfriends and I hit up Bikram Yoga in Red Deer for their unlimited free yoga weekend. They crammed 70 people into the room and we began to sweat our lil hearts out. I managed to get through the class just fine, didn’t feel too faint…I thought I did okay, all things considered. So a couple of us jumped on board their 2 weeks of unlimited yoga for $20 special. They highly recommended we come back the next day for a class because we’d be quite stiff. I thought, no problem – I’ll go back and get into this thing.

Yesterday’s class almost killed me. I felt light headed, I wanted to hurl. There were half as many people in the class yesterday as there were on Sunday, giving me ample space, which meant I worked harder. Apparently the light headedness and the pukey feelings are expected and welcomed.

After class, I went out and did some shopping. I looked like a hot mess, that’s for sure, but I didn’t care.  In my research on Bikram, I learned that with consistent practice you will notice your food cravings will change significantly.  And I can honestly say after only that 2nd class, it was true! I hadn’t eaten in almost 3 hours, and as someone who just sweat a bucket and worked really hard I thought for SURE I’d be starving. Nope. Just fine. I even fought the urge to stop and pick something up on the way home. Well, it wasn’t really a fight. It was more of a gentle discussion.

Today will be my third class. I have a mix of feelings regarding it. I’m loathing the feeling of nausea but I yearn for the “after glow”.

Do you do Bikram? Do you have any tips? Good stories about that time you farted in class? Like I said to my pal Gabi yesterday, everybody farts in hot yoga.

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