Legal Aid

I’ve never had to hire a lawyer before. This is my first time. I asked for recommendations, which of course came with filtering through a ton of bullshit. But I managed to get a few names, plus of course I did my own research.

I don’t really want to get into the specifics as to why I need a lawyer right now. The internet is a tricky bitch, and I have a feeling it could come back to bite me in the ass. I’m dealing with a medical issue that is the direct result of a particular type of laser treatment. So my initial instinct was to contact a law firm that had experience in dealing with laser-related cases. I called up and spoke to a legal assistant named Kristi. Yep, spelled exactly the same way as me (which we both agreed was rare), so I assumed I was in good hands. Boy was I wrong. I talked to her on a Wednesday. At first she said she would call me back by Friday, but when we were wrapping up our convo, she changed it to Monday. That’s cool. Whatever. When I hadn’t heard from her by the following Friday, I called. Kristi was off until the Monday. Of course, I’m irritated because I don’t want to leave things unresolved for too long. What if it’s too late to move forward? I left her a voicemail, and she called me yesterday to discuss my potential case.

That’s right, at this point, I’m not even a case to them yet. She asks what the updates from the doctor are. I give her the run down. She tells me the lawyer I might be dealing with wants to wait until November to see how I’m doing. She wants to see if it’ll “be worth it to them to pursue”. Really? Worth it to THEM? Great. Thanks. I realize I’m not a multi-million dollar lawsuit or anything, but I’m pretty sure the amount of suffering I’ve gone through, and the amount of expenses I’ve paid out in parking alone, is “worth it”. I thought lawyers were there for those of us who can’t represent ourselves?

So screw you, “in-it-for-yourself” law firm! Well, partially screw you. I’m not going to drop them entirely…just in case they do turn out to be the ONLY firm who will help me in the end. But I have enlisted the help of a different guy, and he came recommended from a former Edmonton lawyer.

The saga continues…

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