Ah Life, You’re A Crazy Sucka Sometimes

Where do I begin? How about a quick update on my previous post about requiring Legal Aid ? If you don’t have time to go back and reread the post, the short story is I have been looking for a lawyer to represent me in a personal injury claim, and I contacted one that had experience with a case similar to mine. I was told that they would have to monitor my prognosis to see “if [I’m] worth it to pursue”. Turns out, I’m not. They don’t want to help me. Awesome! So I contacted a second lawyer that came recommended, and he said that this particular type of law is not his forte. Okay, that’s fine, I appreciate your honesty. Emailed a third lawyer – still haven’t heard anything over a week later. So I’m back to square one. If you’re reading this and can recommend a lawyer in the Edmonton area, please comment below.

An update to my post wondering what to do with my life! Today I applied for school! Again! To be honest, there’s nothing that really appeals to me right now. But I’ve decided to take my little brother’s advice, which was to find something I might not hate, but will still make really good money at. You may think that’s bad advice, but it really worked for him. He went through the NAIT handbook and found a course that paid top dollar, and he actually doesn’t mind his job! He gets paid ridonk coin, owns a house, has minimal debt and he’s under 25. So! He can’t be too wrong. I’ve applied to Norquest College for the Health Unit Clerk course. It’s 16 weeks and includes a 4 week practicum. Fingers crossed that I get in, and also that I can snag another student loan! Come on Mrs. Redford! Steady Eddie had no problem giving me cashola a couple of years ago…

So that’s the update for now. At least I’m making minor progress with life. Stay tuned for more.

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