Oh Hello, 2013

I’m really excited for 2013. Much to our surprise, 2012 was a bust. I thought I’d be spending the year in Central Alberta at my radio job, spending time with our Little from Big Brothers Big Sisters, and becoming more involved in the community. Unfortunately, my life was flipped upside down in February of 2012. I was fired. Let go. Laid off. They called it “restructuring”. I was really upset, though I’d heard you hadn’t really made it til you were fired at least once in radio. Not that hearing that was soothing by any means. Fortunately, I had the forethought to set up our lease as month to month, and we were all moved out by the end of March. We moved our stuff into storage, and I took up shop at my mom’s place in Leduc, while the Mancandy made his homebase at his mother’s in Grande Prairie.

I sat on EI for a bit until I decided to go back to waitressing. Literally after I committed to that job, I got an opportunity to make incredible money working for the County as a Flagperson. I stopped serving and committed to flagging. While working, we found ourselves a place in Edmonton. It felt so good to be back “home”. At the same time, a giant negative was we had to essentially cut ties with our Little. The distance and financial strain became too much for either party. We keep in touch, but it’s not the same.

I worked as a Flagperson all summer in all kinds of crazy weather until the end of September, when we were hit with our next road block of 2012.

I had a cosmetic procedure done, and suffered a blood clot because of it. It was immediate, and I didn’t quite know what it was off the bat. I had a decent sized “goose egg” on my thigh, and thought I just banged myself at work. Nope. I barely made it through the weekend, and I had to get to a doctor. The “goose egg” grew and grew and grew. The short version of the story is I went for IV treatment three times a day, for about a week before I was properly diagnosed (initial thoughts were it was a staph infection) and was put on self-injected blood thinners. The clot got to the point where it was 6mm away from dropping into the femoral vein, which is a direct line to the lungs. Another kick in the pants? After talking to numerous law firms, no one wanted to help because the potential cost of the lawsuit would be more than the settlement. But I’m not done fighting the good fight yet.

While I was out of commission, I couldn’t work. And while I was on medical leave, my seasonal job finished. So I found myself on unemployment again. Which is fine to me. We pay into it every paycheque we ever have, so why shouldn’t we reclaim some of that money when we really need it? My younger brother gave me some good advice. “You’ve done what you loved [radio]. You loved it, but the pay was shit. Now might be a good time to do something you won’t hate that pays well. ” I had to agree. In dealing with this blood clot, I found myself dealing with some pretty awesome people at the University of Alberta hospital. Those awesome people inspired me to go back to school. I’ve applied to Norquest for the Hospital Unit Clerk program. Still waiting on my acceptance, though I know I’ll get in.

I finished up 2012 with a clean bill of health from the doctors. I need to keep an eye on my leg and if there are any returning symptoms, I will have to go back to the doctors and seek further treatment. The end of 2012 brought on some wonderful experiences for the Mancandy and myself. He was able to be home for Christmas, and we had a wonderful holiday season together. And on New Years Eve, I spent the evening with a dear friend, watching The Hunger Games, playing Scrabble, eating pizza and of course, watching the Air Farce NYE Special (something we’ve done in the past). It was great.

Here’s to 2013! A healthier year full of exciting new adventures, and great achievements. All the best to you and yours!

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