Delayed Firsts

1st Mani!

In a few months I’ll be turning 29 years old. Today, I got my first ever manicure. Why did I wait so long?! Growing up, I always chewed my nails, but into my early 20s, I stopped and tried to let them go. I guess I always thought they were never nice enough to be worthy of a manicure! I’ve since learned that it doesn’t matter how long your nails are, you should just go and FEEL PAMPERED!

I went totally on a whim. I was in West Edmonton Mall and already overspent at Sephora and Cookies by George (haha), but on my way out the door I passed a nail salon that didn’t look busy. It was called M Nails and seemed pretty okay. I sat down and told them I just wanted a manicure – no acrylic or gel extensions or anything. No problem. They asked me to pick out a gel polish – there were so many to choose from! She seemed slightly disappointed when I said that I just wanted white tips. Since I’d never had a mani before, I wanted to see what it would look like. They always look so fancy!

It was $45 – and I have no idea if it was a good price or not – but I’m happy with the results. Next time I would ask for the white tips to be a bit thinner. I think the chunky white makes my fingers look a bit chubbier. (Yes, I have these thoughts lol).

One thought on “Delayed Firsts

  1. Oh Kristi! You waited so long! I think the reason for the thick whites is that if you cut your nails in a week or so you have the look still! -Trina

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