It is SO NICE to have a Sunday off! Especially when the sun is shining and the birds are singing….and those birds aren’t pigeons. But that’s another story for anther day.

The plan for the day is to hit the gym and do some spring cleaning! We head to Vegas in 12 days and want to come home to a clean place…12 days!! I can’t wait!! I can wait to turn 30….but I can’t wait to get into more of the sunshine. You know, the kind with some heat behind it?

There’s just something about Vegas that I love. I think it’s the forever blue skies against all those different signs on the strip, with the hustle and bustle. I am looking for recommendations as to where to go for dinner on my birthday. We are headed to the MGM later that evening to check out Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club. He’s hosting that night since it’s the club’s anniversary week. I don’t necessarily want to eat at the MGM – I’d be happy for some other nearby places that aren’t TOO expensive. A special bonus would be if they offer a gluten free option for my bff.

Happy Sunday, friends. I hope you accomplish whatever it is you’re looking to do today.

One thought on “Sunday

  1. I haven’t been to Vegas in years but Bellagio and Wynn had awesome buffets on the weekend for $50. Wynn also had a great brunch buffet too. Have a great time when you go! Wear sunscreen =)

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